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I Believe In Happiness!

Why wait for pain to pass?

Why wait for success to happen?

Or even for the promised land...

Aadil Waja [The Miracle Tool]
Hi, my name is Aadil Waja

Just imagine feeling young, full of energy and enjoying every moment of every day no matter what you are doing. So many tasks but yet everything is achievable without any stress. My dream of experiencing true happiness and serenity has finally come true. This picture was taken in October 2022 and, as of November 2022, I am 59 years of age and honestly physically feel like I am in my 20s. Even my doctor cannot believe my medical test results. I say this not to be presumptuous but only to draw your attention. I am absolutely very very thankful for one and only one thing - This Miracle Tool. Its taken a few years of using this tool to realize these benefits as my body responded and morphed itself to how I feel now.

I have grown a very deep sense of unconditional Love for my family, friends and in fact every human on this earth including every animal and thing which has motivated me to quantify this formula in a way for you to easily get it and achieve the same results.

I found this tool when I was searching for a way out of a very dark place. Nothing helped until I accidentally put three processes together that gave me instant mental relief that I hung onto and practiced it over and over for years.

The benefits that followed is why I call it  The Miracle Tool.

For over 7 years now, I have been experiencing all of the following

The Now

Enjoying every moment is all that matters. Such an amazing conscious feeling.

Self Belief

Nothing holds me back, I can easily choose and know that I can achieve. No more imposter!.


My body feels like it is in it's 20s. Physically enjoying all activities with my kids and having restful sleeps at night.


So much of this inside, have forgotten the meaning of the word "Sad"


Deep sense of unconditional Love for my family, friends and everyone in the world irrespective of anyone's choices.


Calm and relaxed - stress free. Wherever I am is exactly where I want to be. Full acceptance of what is.

So convinced that the promised land is right here right now.

In this course, I am sharing exactly how I found this tool and how I use it everyday. It’s like riding a bicycle - once I got it - it was with me constantly.

I so wish I could go back to my teen self and give him this tool.

Look forward to seeing you on the Inside so you can experience the same.

Here is The Miracle Tool Formula


Made me feel Balanced and Calm


Relaxed and Serene


Breaking Free

These are the three things I accidently put together that instantly gave me the relief I was looking for. The feeling was so amazing, I hang on to it, using it over and over. I had no idea what was to follow over time. Feeling amazing for over 7 years and I have no need to search for anything more and what makes this different is because this is about the IS NOT and not the IS.


"I have known Aadil for a number of years as his Guitar teacher. Just in chatting to Aadil about his concepts of mindset, self belief and happiness, made me achieve breakthrough realizations that has helped me in so many areas of my life. I am now stress free and constantly feeling a deep sense of happiness."

Why should you pay for this tool?

The perceived value of FREE motivates no one to take action! And, you have nothing to lose with my 30 day money back guarantee.

Access To The Miracle Tool
US $79

There was nothing out there to answer my call for help.
I found This Miracle Tool by accident.
Knowing what I have achieved using it every day, I would have paid thousands to short cut my journey.

Now I want you to have it too...

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Thank You for your patience.

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The Miracle Tool - Key

I have been enjoying this for far too long it's time for you to have it too. If I was able to give you this Key with a click of my finger - I would.

This tool requires a bit of practise initially, but once you get it - it's easy.

This small fee is your commitment to make a massive shift in your life.

I searched and I know you will not find this Formula anywhere!!

The Choice is yours...


Does it require a lot of effort to learn The Miracle Tool?

Initially it requires a bit of practise. Once you get it - it's yours to keep and constantly use everyday with little or no effort. Exactly like riding a bicycle - once you learn how to ride - you have it for life.

What makes this so different?

When I was searching for solutions to fix my problem, all I found was more and more systems and methods to solve the symptoms. I was so focused on "What more can I do?" - more complicated systems and programs that added more confusion in my head. The Miracle Tool is a formula that allowed me to Clear out everything and start a New Me by realizing the IS NOT.

Will something new come along and replace this Tool?

How can a new process that adds more complex thought patterns in an already crowded mind replace The Miracle Tool that does the exact opposite i.e.. clearing out and creating a New Slate for a new you. You already have this inside you, once you get it, you will not need me or anyone else or any new system.  7 plus years and I feel like I am in my 20s - Is there anything out there that can replace this?

If This Miracle Tool is so good - why not give it away for Free?

The perceived value of 'Free' motivates no one to take action with practise. Often it gets left on the back burner. There is a commitment when there is an exchange of energy. I really do want you to experience the same things I am enjoying so it needs to work for you. Plus there are platform costs to keep this program running online. I would have paid thousands if someone could have taught me this tool when I was searching for answers.